Broadway vs. Off-Broadway

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An executive vice president with The Medicines Company in Parsippany, New Jersey, Loretta Itri oversees global health science operations and regulatory affairs. When she isn’t working, Loretta Itri enjoys attending Broadway and Off-Broadway theater.

Although Broadway was home to many theaters when New York City officials originally christened the street, today only four theaters (the Winter Garden, the Marquis, the Roundabout, and the eponymous Broadway) are physically located on Broadway. The term “Broadway theater,” by contrast, can apply to any large theater in midtown Manhattan.

The distinction between Broadway and Off-Broadway is nuanced. Among other criteria, the terms can be defined partly based on the contracts of theater workers. Individuals employed by larger (Broadway) theaters generally get paid more than those who work for smaller (Off-Broadway) theaters.

Generally speaking, a theater must have at least 500 seats to earn the “Broadway” distinction, while theaters with 99 to 499 seats typically have an “Off-Broadway” distinction. The theater industry denotes venues with less than 99 seats as “Off-Off-Broadway.”


Mallorca’s Grand Palau de l’Almudaina


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Grand Palau de l’Almudaina

Loretta Itri is the Executive Vice President of The Medicines Company, a pharmaceutical company based in Parsippany, New Jersey. Loretta Itri is also an avid traveler who has frequented the Caribbean. On her future travel plans, she plans to visit Mallorca, Spain this coming May.

Mallorca is an island known for its beautiful coast and has been a haven for resorts for many years. However, there is more to Mallorca than its beautiful beaches; much of its architecture has remained unperturbed for over 600 years. In recent years, locals have been renovating old historical houses, structures which are significant to their culture. One of the most popular historical houses is the Palau de l’Almudaina.

The Palau de l’Almudaina used to be an Islamic fort but was converted into a residence hall for monarchs in the late 13th century. The architecture shows vestiges of the Arab occupation, yet is mainly Gothic in style. It served as the permanent residence of kings until Jaume III who lived up to 1349. Today, it remains the symbolic residence of Spain’s royal family, although they only come for official visits.

Why 1921’s Shuffle Along Was Forgotten By History

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Shuffle Along

Based in New Jersey, Loretta Itri is a pharmaceutical executive who has been involved in many clinical drug developments with 20 years of experience. Loretta Itri is also an avid theater fan who has seen everything that’s currently showing. This spring, she will be seeing several new musicals including Shuffle Along.

Shuffle Along is a new musical by writer/director George C. Wolfe based on a much older musical which is no longer revived in contemporary times. Set in 1921, Shuffle Along is Broadway’s first all-jazz musical and was a turning point in the history of musicals. It was written by a group of four African-American vaudevillians and musicians and became a cultural phenomenon in its time. It revivified the Harlem Renaissance and had over 400 performances before being toured. It has also produced some big names in show business.

Why was it forgotten? In an interview with American Theatre, Wolfe avers that the musical was trashed by history. Despite being a huge hit back in the day, it was soon forgotten because it was relegated to a revue, though it only had elements of a revue. Today, it is known for having racially-integrated Broadway and many theaters in which it was performed.

Proper Care for Himalayan Cats


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Himalayan Cats

A talented executive within the pharmaceutical industry, Loretta Itri has more than two decades of experience. She is currently responsible for clinical development and worldwide development oversight as the executive vice president of global health sciences and regulatory affairs at the Medicines Company. Outside of work, Loretta Itri cares for her blue lynx point and flame point Himalayan cats.

As with most breeds of cats, Himalayan cats require moderately individualized care. The breed is prone to a few health problems, including polycystic kidney disease, and obesity. Himalayan cats also frequently experience excessive tearing around the eyes and are more likely to get ringworm. Most of these dispositions can be screened for and eliminated through tests. Some problems, like obesity, are easily prevented by improving overall nutrition and providing opportunities for plenty of physical activity.

Beyond watching for and preventing common health problems, Himalayans must be groomed daily. Monthly bathing is also helpful in terms of keeping the coat clean and dental hygiene and regular nail trimming further ensures a Himalayan stays happy and healthy.

Learning More about Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hip-hop Musical Hamilton

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Hip-hop Musical Hamilton

Pharmaceutical executive Dr. Loretta Itri has overseen clinical drug development in all of its phases. Outside of her career, Dr. Loretta Itri is a great lover of musical theater and an avid theater-goer. She saw the musical Hamilton in 2015.

Hamilton has been included in’s 10 Best Broadway Shows You Must See for two consecutive years. Based on Ron Chernow’s best-selling biography of one of America’s founding fathers and written by Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton experiments with a rap and hip-hop musical score. With an initial off-Broadway run at Public Theater, the musical has now moved to Broadway’s Richard Rogers Theater. It explores Alexander Hamilton’s life, telling the story of a feisty immigrant who ascends the ranks to become George Washington’s trusted aide.

The musical is top-billed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and is supported by a talented cast consisting of Leslie Odom Jr., Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Jonathan Groff.

The Himalayan – A Loving and Beautiful Cat Breed

Himalayan Cat pic
Himalayan Cat

An accomplished pharmaceutical industry executive, Loretta Itri serves The Medicines Company as Executive Vice President of Global Health Sciences and Regulatory Affairs. In her free time, Loretta Itri enjoys traveling, attending the theater, and caring for her two Himalayan cats.

A breed derived by crossing the Persian and the Siamese, the Himalayan is a loving and playful cat that exhibits the long hair and striking blue eyes of its parent breeds. Beyond these shared traits, Himalayans, or Himmies, come in a range of colors and vary in appearance; some have large eyes and flat faces, while others have longer noses and smaller eyes.

At home, Himalayan cats become attached to their owners and will often remain within arm’s reach of those who care for them. Himmies enjoy playing with toys and gentle playmates. While keeping the breed’s many positive traits in mind, potential owners should also be aware that Himalayans are prone to several health problems, and their long coats require daily grooming.

Himalayan Cats – A Unique Mix Between Siamese and Persian Breeds

Himalayan Cats pic
Himalayan Cats

Loretta Itri is a respected pharmaceutical industry executive who focuses on the development of therapeutic agents. When not working, Loretta Itri enjoys spending time with her two Himalayan cats, a blue lynx point female and a flame point male. Himalayan cats feature distinctive blue eyes and luxurious long coats.

A hybrid cat, the Himalayan comes from the Siamese and Persian breeds. It has the Siamese markings and eye color, while retaining the Persian coat. Big boned and muscular, Himalayans also have the latter breed’s body type and are technically classed as a Persian variety.

While far from aloof, the Himalayan is known for interacting closely only with humans it really trusts and shows a strong preference for quiet surroundings. With a thick coat, Himalayans should be brushed regularly as a way of preventing the hair from becoming matted or tangled. Himalayans’ flat faces make them susceptible to breathing problems, and their faces should also be wiped each day.