Proper Care for Himalayan Cats


Himalayan Cats pic
Himalayan Cats

A talented executive within the pharmaceutical industry, Loretta Itri has more than two decades of experience. She is currently responsible for clinical development and worldwide development oversight as the executive vice president of global health sciences and regulatory affairs at the Medicines Company. Outside of work, Loretta Itri cares for her blue lynx point and flame point Himalayan cats.

As with most breeds of cats, Himalayan cats require moderately individualized care. The breed is prone to a few health problems, including polycystic kidney disease, and obesity. Himalayan cats also frequently experience excessive tearing around the eyes and are more likely to get ringworm. Most of these dispositions can be screened for and eliminated through tests. Some problems, like obesity, are easily prevented by improving overall nutrition and providing opportunities for plenty of physical activity.

Beyond watching for and preventing common health problems, Himalayans must be groomed daily. Monthly bathing is also helpful in terms of keeping the coat clean and dental hygiene and regular nail trimming further ensures a Himalayan stays happy and healthy.