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The Himalayan – A Loving and Beautiful Cat Breed

Himalayan Cat pic
Himalayan Cat
Image: thecatbreeds.net

An accomplished pharmaceutical industry executive, Loretta Itri serves The Medicines Company as Executive Vice President of Global Health Sciences and Regulatory Affairs. In her free time, Loretta Itri enjoys traveling, attending the theater, and caring for her two Himalayan cats.

A breed derived by crossing the Persian and the Siamese, the Himalayan is a loving and playful cat that exhibits the long hair and striking blue eyes of its parent breeds. Beyond these shared traits, Himalayans, or Himmies, come in a range of colors and vary in appearance; some have large eyes and flat faces, while others have longer noses and smaller eyes.

At home, Himalayan cats become attached to their owners and will often remain within arm’s reach of those who care for them. Himmies enjoy playing with toys and gentle playmates. While keeping the breed’s many positive traits in mind, potential owners should also be aware that Himalayans are prone to several health problems, and their long coats require daily grooming.